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10 Simple Ayurvedic Heartburn and Acidity Remedies and Cures

There are so many different Ayurvedic Heartburn and Acidity Remedies that I’ve found during my research and some are quite simple and straight forward so they don’t contain enough information to take up a post  by themselves so I’ve put ten of them together in this post.

  • Caraway Seeds – Chewing a few Caraway seeds can help provide relief from excess acid.
  • Aniseed – This is another herb which helps aid digestion. It can be taken by adding one teaspoon to a glass of boiling water which is drunk first thing in the morning to prevent acidity.
  • Coconut Milk – You drink coconut milk four or five times throughout the day to combat acidity.
  • Mint – Sipping mint juice slowly after every meal can prevent heartburn.
  • Eating Cooling Foods – Foods  such as cucumber, banana or watermelon should be eaten every hour to relieve the burning feeling in the windpipe or esophagus.
  • Castor Oil – You mix some odorless castor oil with lukewarm milk and drink it.
  • Milk – Drink skimmed milk to obtain relief – the fat content in other milks could cause heartburn so although they would still provide a soothing relief from the burning pain in the longer term they could lead to the heartburn continuing.
  • Clove – Chew a clove in your mouth after each meals.
  • Chicory –  You take this as a tea to gain relief from acidity and heartburn.  Boil around one and a half cups of chicory root in water for about five to ten minutes and allow to cool to room temperature before drinking.
  • Lemon – Mix the juice of one lemon with a cup of water and add equal quantities of salt and sugar.  This should be drunk about an hour before eating and will also help relieve constipation which can also cause heartburn and acidity.