Ayurvedic Heartburn and Acidity Remedies and Cures: Tulsi

I’ve still got several more Ayurvedic treatments for heartburn to post about and I was thinking about combining these into one post. One of the treatments I was going to include in this combined post was the use of Tulsi or Holy Basil to treat acidity and heartburn but as I started to go into s little more depth in my research I soon realized that this very special herb deserved a post all to itself.

For around three thousand years Tulsi has been considered to be one of the most powerful herbs in India and it is written about in the Ancient Indian Scriptures.

…wherever Tulsi grows there is no misery. She is the holiest of the holy. Wherever the breeze blows her fragrance there is purity. Vishnu showers blessing on those who worship and grow Tulsi. Tulsi is sacred because Brahma resides in the roots, Vishnu resides in the stems and leaves and Rudra resides in the flowering tops.”

Tulsi is sacred to Vishnu, a Hindu God and it is the most worshipped plant in India being used in morning prayers and most family have their own well tended and nurtured plant as it is believed to provide divine protection.  Beads made from the stem of the plant give clarity and protection during meditation.

Tulsi has traditionally been used to help a wide range of digestive disorders including ulcers and heartburn and some animal studies are suggesting that there may in fact be a scientifically proven basis for these treatments.  Tulsi reduces the irritation of the stomach lining by neutralizing the effect of peptic acid and it increases the amounts of protective stomach mucous produced.

So How Can You Use Tulsi to Help Your Heartburn

  • The simplest treatment is take a few leaves, chew them well and then swallow.
  • You can also make preparation which you take every morning and every evening.  You use one part Tulsi to two parts raw Ginger and two parts Jaggery and make this mixture into small pellets which you chew.
  • You could drink a couple of cups of Tulsi Tea

Although Tulsi is also commonly known as Holy Basil it isn’t the same as the Basil which we use as a culinary herb but the good news is that the two plants are very closely related and ordinary Basil does appear to be effective in treating heartburn too.

Tulsi did not get to be such a revered and worshipped plant because it helps heartburn disappear.  It is considered to promote health and long life and has antibacterial, antioxidant and antiviral properties.  It can protect against radiation, lower blood sugar, help treat asthma and allergies

If you would like to try using Tulsi but are unable to find any where you live you could consider growing your own and seeds are easily found online.

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